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The sculptures featured on this site are all made from recycled metal and every piece is a unique work of art. A gifted group of designers and craftsmen - the finest that Thailand has to offer - creates each item from scratch resulting in pieces that are one of a kind.

About Mari9art

"Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me"

Turn junk into


"Tell us what you picture in your wildest imagination and we will deliver your dream"

Featured work

roman warrior head scrap metal artwork b
motorcycle scrap metal sculpture by mari
knight scrap metal artwork by mari9art.j
large size transformer metal sculpture.j
happy dog scrap metal sculpture by mari9
gremlin scrap metal sculpture by mari9ar

"We create art from recycled metal

using everything from old bike or car parts, even unusable electronics"

Crafting detailed sculptures of all kinds of animals from simple materials. 

Owl, Horse, Dog

Fish, Lion, Mosquito, Frog

Eagle, Duck, Rabbit, Rooster, Squirrel, Wild boar, Bull, Bug, Bee

Small scale dinosaur, scorpion


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kangaroo scrap metal artwork by mari9art
seabass fish scrap metal artwork by mari
owl metal artwork by mari9art.jpg
horse head metal sculpture by mari9art.j
Rabbit animal steel sculpture.jpg

"Scrap yard sculpture by mari9art."

Little pieces made from a variety of different  scrap metals and motorbike or bicycle components.

Motor bike, Spider man, Helicopter

Bicycle, Frog
and Other movie inspired,


>> See Small Scale Sculpture Gallery  

wall e scrap metal sculpture by mari9art
car metal sculpture by mari9art.jpg
scull metal sculpture by mari9art.jpg
little motor cycle metal welding sculpgt
transformer scrap metal sculpture by mar


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