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Predator 220cm metal art sculpture, This monster metal art has crafted exclusively from recycled scrap metal collected. all of this metal comes from all kind vehicles parts, junk yard cars, unusable motorcycles parts, drum brake, chain, chain ring, bicycles parts and other various metal parts. 

After construction, sculptures will be carefully coated and polished.



Approx size:

Height: 2.20 meter

Length: 1.30 meter 

Width: 1.10 meter 

Dimensions are approximate and may differ slightly.

for custom make or further information, please don't hesitate to contact us,

4k resolution*

predator metal sculpture compare size
predtor metal art body
Predator metal sculpture making body
scrap metal predator rusty look by mari9art
making scrap metal predator sculpture
making predator metal sculpture legs
recycle scrap metal predator artwork
burning process making predator sculpture
burning process scrap metal artwork predator alien
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