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Making scrap metal sculpture Tiger



With over 20 years’ experience making metal sculptures and widely regarded as a leader

in this field, Mr.Somkid  has created a stunning piece entitled “Fearless Tiger ”.


It is a larger than life-sized depiction inspired by the infamous “Vichit”, a tiger from the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand.


The tiger is one of the 12 animals of the Zodiac. The tiger represents power, courage and strength both internally and externally. and the beauty of this mighty beast with courage and ferocity.

Tiger is also linked to belief and faith. that it will be a spiritual anchor that can inspire a safe life experiencing happiness and prosperity

The sculpture - made of recycled metal engine parts - took eight months of daily labor to complete and displays Mr.Somkid’s imagination as every recycled component was carefully chosen to represent each part of the tiger. By comparison, a much larger piece featuring simpler building techniques can be completed in as little as four months.

A close inspection of the artist’s work reveals this remarkable attention to detail and his unparalleled craftsmanship

Tiger scrap metal art sculpture-4.jpg
Tiger scrap metal art sculpture-13.jpg



Artist  : Somkid Saengket
            : Chatree Ch. (co-creator)
Materials :   Metal
Location :   Thailand
Year created :   2022
Weight :   600kg Approx
Height: 136 CM
                     Length: 266 CM
                     Width: 80 CM 

Character and texture 

Every single piece of scrap has a different texture. Each piece has a unique mood and feeling. The artist carefully placed the pieces one by one, elaborately, to blend them together. Insert techniques and style from the inside out. reflecting the artist's self


The story about the eyes of tiger 

This is one of important part for this sculpture.

It took the artist a week to find the perfect ball to make his eyes.

and spent more than two days on this part.

We don't have a laser cutter.

Everything is cut gradually using a grinder and by hand.

place the perfectly right position

To make it look real and convey the message that this is  Fearless Tiger .

butt tiger metal sculpture-3.jpg

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