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This one-of-a-kind warrior statue is made from upcycled scrap metal, creating a unique piece of art. The details of the sculpture are stunning and its intricate craftsmanship will add a bold statement to any room. This warrior metal sculpture is perfect for anyone who appreciates artwork and the beauty of upcycled materials.

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samurai warrior.jpg

Samurai Warrior 
Metal Sculpture

"Experience the Strength of Ancient Japan with Mari9art Samurai Metal Sculptures"

roman spartan warrior metal sculpture-2.jpg

Roman Warrior
Metal Sculpture

"Bringing Ancient Rome To Life Through Mari9art's Warrior Metal Sculptures"

viking warrior-4.jpg

Metal Sculpture

"Bring the Might of the Viking Warlord to Your Home with our Unique Metal Sculptures"

knight scrap metal artwork-6.jpg

Knight Warrior
Metal sculpture

"Turning Scrap Metal into Unique and Stylish Artwork - Knight Warriors!"

chinese warrior scrap metal sculpture-13.jpg

Chinese Warrior
Metal sculpture

"Experience the Power of Ancient Chinese Warriors Through Scrap Metal Artwork!"

Mari9art Scrap metal art sculpture

"Feel free to contact me for custom made scrap metal sculptures. Give me your idea, and I will bring it to life with passion and dedication. I am always excited to create something unique and wonderful for you."

Feature Work
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