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Mari9art Making Steel Art is a creative and innovative scrap metal sculpture studio that specializes in movie-inspired artwork. We take scrap metal pieces, such as discarded car parts, and turn them into stunning pieces of art. Our sculptures include characters from popular films and TV shows, such as Transformers, Aliens, Predator, and more.

We strive to bring the world of movies and scrap metal together to create unique and beautiful sculptures that can be cherished as works of art. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and think that every piece of scrap has a story to tell.

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"Take a Trip Through Space and Time with Mari9art Scrap Metal Sculptures!"


Fiction horror

Mari9art Scrap metal art sculpture

Mari9art Making Steel Art is a metal sculpture brand inspired by movies. We specialize in creating sculptures of robots, aliens, and transformers from scrap metal. Our sculptures bring to life iconic characters from the big screen, breathing new life into scrap.

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