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Optimus metal artwork

 2.2 METER 

Welcome to Optimus Prime Scrap Metal Sculpture! Here, we create stunning and unique sculptures from recycled scrap metal, car parts, and bike parts. Our movie-inspired creations are perfect for any collector or fan of Transformers.

We understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and are committed to recycling scrap metal into beautiful art pieces. Our pieces are sure to be a conversation starter and bring a unique element to any home or office. Come explore our website and find a piece that speaks to you

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Transformer metal art optimus robot

This handcrafted Optimus Prime Scrap Metal sculpture is the perfect way to turn junk into a stunning movie character. Inspired by the popular Transformers movie franchise, this scrap metal sculpture of Optimus Prime stands at a majestic 220cm size. It is made from carefully selected scrap metal and welded together with precision to create a truly stunning piece of movie inspired art. Perfect for any fan of the Transformers, this Optimus Prime sculpture will make a bold statement in any home or office.


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